Everything Businesses Need to Know About The ISDN BT Switch Off in 2025

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Everything Businesses Need to Know About The ISDN BT Switch Off in 2025

Hello there, savvy business owner or concerned individual! You’ve probably heard whispers—or outright announcements—about the imminent ISDN BT switch off scheduled for 2025. Confused? Don’t worry; we’re going to break it all down for you.

What is ISDN?

Historical Context

ISDN, or Integrated Services Digital Network, has been the backbone of business communications since the ’80s. It uses circuit-switched networks to transmit voice, data, and even video.

Importance in Business

From conference calls to customer support, ISDN has been vital. However, it’s now walking into the sunset. Why? Let’s delve into it.

The Rationale Behind the ISDN Switch Off

Cost Factors

Maintaining old ISDN hardware is like clinging to a vintage car—nostalgic but costly.

Technological Obsolescence

Today’s data-hungry apps demand more bandwidth than what ISDN can provide. It’s like trying to fill a swimming pool with a garden hose—inefficient and frustrating!

The Impact of Switching Off ISDN


For businesses, this means your old handsets and network devices will become decorative paperweights.

Home Users

Even domestic users must transition to the new digital means of communication.

Additional Services

Say goodbye to your old CCTV, alarms, and EPOS machines that rely on ISDN.

Key Dates to Remember

Mark your calendar for 2023 when ISDN lines will stop being installed. The complete phase-out happens by December 2025.

Risks of Ignoring the ISDN Switch Off

Resistance is futile and risky. You’ll be grappling with communication failures and potential losses in revenue.

The Future: What Replaces ISDN?

VoIP Explained

Think of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as the smartphone replacing the rotary dial phone—more features, more fun!

Hosted PBX

Or perhaps you’d be interested in a Hosted PBX system, which takes the phone system off your to-do list and places it in the cloud.

Alternatives to ISDN

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP trunks act as the middlemen between your old system and the new digital world.

Cloud Systems

For those who love living on the edge, how about pushing all your communications to a cloud system? Talk about taking a leap into the future!

Openreach and the PSTN Replacement

Openreach will serve as the knight in shining armour, rescuing you from the perils of outdated technology.

Services Impacted by the 2025 Closure

If you’re using WLR, ISDN2, or ISDN30, it’s high time you consider an upgrade.

Preparing for the ISDN Switch Off

Steps for Transition

Transitioning isn’t as hard as you think. Your new service providers will likely do the heavy lifting.

Choosing a VoIP Provider

Ask the right questions and pick a provider that aligns with your business needs and budget.


  1. What is the deadline for the ISDN switch-off?
    • December 2025
  2. Is VoIP cheaper than ISDN?
    • Generally, yes. VoIP usually offers more features at a lower cost.
  3. What happens if I ignore the ISDN switch-off?
    • You risk losing business communication capabilities.
  4. Can I keep my current phone numbers when I switch to VoIP?
    • Most providers allow number porting.
  5. What is SIP?
    • It’s a protocol that lets you make calls via a data connection.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The ISDN switch-off is not a drill; it’s a reality that’s rapidly approaching. But consider this your golden ticket to modernise your communications. Embrace the change and reap the benefits of advanced, cost-effective technology. After all, staying ahead of the curve is always better than playing catch-up, right?

If you’re still uncertain about making the switch, why not seek professional guidance? Kite Telecoms is here to offer you free advice and a no-obligation quotation. Don’t procrastinate until it’s too late; contact Kite Telecoms today and future-proof your business communications.

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