The A to Z of Business Communication: B is for Business Benefits of VoIP

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Welcome to the second instalment of the A to Z of Business Communication where we will be focussing on “business benefits” of VoIP telephone systems. The aim of this series is to inform readers about the benefits and underlying technology of our telephone systems.

One of the main questions we get asked from prospective clients is are VoIP phones really better? In this article, we will be highlighting the main benefits of a VoIP phone over a traditional telephone system.

To start, what is a VoIP phone? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is also known as “cloud-based telephony”. VoIP systems make telephone calls over the internet, rather than using the outdated landline technology.

5 Benefits of VoIP That Your Business Can’t Ignore


One of the most appealing benefits of VoIP systems is lower costs. VoIP phones utilise your existing internet connection which means that you avoid the infrastructure costs associated with a traditional business communication system. You will not face unpredictable charges at the end of the month and the maintenance costs are also included in your monthly payment plans.


One of the most common misconceptions about VoIP telephone systems is that they are unreliable. This is simply not true. VoIP uses your internet connection rather than traditional telephone lines and does not require an expensive, high speed internet connection.

VoIP telephone systems make use of a technology known as “VoIP prioritisation” which means that your connection prioritises the VoIP calls over regular internet traffic. This means that if there is a sudden increase in traffic, your calls won’t be affected.


As VoIP phones are connected to the internet for calls, adding new users to your communication system is easy. You can simply just add new licenses and phones if required.

For example, a business’ demand may be seasonal and may peak at Christmas. With cloud-based telephony systems, the business can add more lines during these seasons when there is a greater demand and then once the seasonal period has ended, can return too their original number of lines.


Another attractive benefit of a VoIP telephone system is the portability. Whether you’re a travelling a salesman or working from home, as long as you have a stable internet connection and a VoIP handset, you can make and receive telephone calls from anywhere.

In fact, users do not even need a proper VoIP handset and mobile applications are available where users can make and receive calls using their mobile phones as if they were in the office using their desk phone.

Additional Features

As discussed in the previous issue of The A to Z of Business Communication, there are many additional features that VoIP phone offer over traditional landline technology.

Users can carry out conference calls with ease, can use a voicemail transcription service, call recording and call queues. These features are designed with businesses in mind, allowing for improved communication and reducing unnecessary time on the phone.

That’s it for this week’s issue, watch out for next week’s issue: C is for Conferencing.

If we can help you with anything related to this article or anything regarding business communication, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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