The A to Z of Business Communication: C is for Conference Calls

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Welcome to the third instalment of the A to Z of Business Communication where we will be focussing on a feature of VoIP phone systems: conference calls. The aim of this series is to inform readers about the benefits and underlying technology of our telephone systems.

Running a business requires constant communication. When it comes to planning, negotiating or coming up with new ideas to improve your company’s performance, more than two people may be required. Teleconferencing or voice conferencing allows multiple participants to be connected together seamlessly and can conduct a group conversation. Furthermore, many VoIP desk phones are now including cameras which allows for video conferencing.

With the increase in remote work, many businesses have turned to teleconferencing as a solution. Teleconferencing services are used by businesses to remotely meet, collaborate, or present information between multiple members. To help you understand teleconferencing better, here are some benefits that could apply to your business.

Time Saving

Historically, employees had to travel to attend important meetings. There was potential for delays such as road traffic, airport security or delays with public transport. By removing the need to travel to every meeting, your employees will have more time to focus on their work.


Travel expenses can be very costly if a business has a national or global presence. Holding a physical meeting can have many logistical costs such as hiring of equipment, acquiring a venue and buying food. However, teleconferencing eliminates these costs and no arrangements other than the time of the call need to be made.


Another benefit of conference calls is that it encourages productivity as it ensures that employees from various levels of the business are in regular contact. This ensures that information is shared efficiently and quick action responses can be made. Consistent engagement is a motivational factor and can lead to a higher productivity.


Conference calls facilities communication between different teams and departments by making it easy to remain in touch and to schedule meetings.

Due to the difficulty of organising meetings, communication between distant workers can sometimes be hampered. Group talks are sometimes necessary, but the cost of meetings can become excessive. Teleconferencing eliminates this barrier and facilitates communication among employees. People are more inclined to undertake something if it is simple. Increased use of teleconferencing can boost productivity and improve work-life balance.

That’s it for this week’s issue, watch out for next week’s issue: D is for Desktop Access.

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