The A to Z of Business Communication: H is for Headset

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Welcome to another instalment of the A to Z of Business Communication where we will be focussing on a crucial piece of hardware for VoIP, the headset. The aim of this series is to inform readers about the benefits and underlying technology of our telephone systems.

Telephone conversations are a vital part of your business communication and it is important to make them as productive as possible. According to Frost and Sullivan Research, a professional headset can increase productivity by up to 78%, improve the customer experience by 72% and 74% of workers reported faster decision-making and a more collaborative work environment.

Furthermore, results from a Santa Clara Valley Medical Center study shows that by using headsets, workers can reduce neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension by as much as 41%. Repeatedly cradling a phone handset between your shoulder and ear might result in a variety of issues. Holding a phone handset between your shoulder and ear is inefficient, especially if you’re talking on the phone for an extended amount of time. Craning your neck for long periods of time during phone calls might lead to poor cervical alignment in workers. Reduced blood flow and muscle fatigue may develop as a result of this.

Finally, wireless headsets gives workers the freedom to move around, even when on a call. Employees are then not bound to their desk and can complete additional tasks if needed. As an example, an employee can find a client’s information from a filing cabinet whilst on the phone to a client, avoiding the need to put the client on hold while they are absent.

That’s it for this week’s issue, watch out for next week’s issue: I is for Installation.

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